Massage Tahoe
Incline Village


AHHHHH...what a relief that was...fantastic massage that left me floating in bliss...highly recommend Massage Tahoe for anyone who needs body work done.
You will savor the time you have spent on the table.

Robby F., Sebastopol.CA

I received a lovely massage from Gwendalyn! As a full-time employee and full-time graduate student, I carry an immense amount of pressure in my upper body. Gwendalyn was incredibly attentive to the needs of my body, and I could tell that she put her heart into the massage. I left feeling much better than when I came in, and I did not feel overly sore the days following. It was wonderful!

Emily J., Tustin CA

Gwendalyn gave an amazing 90 minute massage that went from head to toe.  The loft studio was an incredible space - and the heated massage table kept me warm and relaxed while she performed the most incredible body work.  I felt she addressed both my body and mind in her healing work.

John S., Truckee, CA

I had such a good experience with Gwendalyn!  I came in for a 1 hour massage and had A LOT of tension.  By the end of the massage, I was falling asleep and felt like a new person.  I get a lot of massages because I tend to tighten up, but I haven't had one as rejuvenating as this one.  She was able to work on knots that travelled all the way down my back, and she took her time to make sure I'd gotten the most out of the massage.  If you're looking for a great massage therapist in Incline Village, this is where you should go.

Victoria A., North Hollywood, CA

Gwendalyn is a healer!  I've had many massages before, but never one from someone with so much intuition and psychic energy.  She was able to relieve some long held tensions and pains by sensing the source of the pain and helping me release it.  I went in very fatigued, and left feeling relieved, like a heavy weight was lifted off me.
Wendy W., La Jolla, CA

I was staying at a nearby Airbnb house (on the same street!) and found Gwendalyn's listing on Yelp. My host confirmed that she's a great healer, and even called her for me on the spot. She was incredibly accommodating and I was able to see her that evening.  Unlike other massages I've had, Gwendalyn got right to the source of my imbalanced body. I have not had any therapist work on my psoas muscles and take time to work deeply with points that were numb beyond the normal pain threshold. I learned a lot about my body from this session! It's unfortunate that I live so far away, but I definitely would see her again whenever I'm in Tahoe.
Carolyn G., Palo Alto, CA

Was getting ready for our gig at the Village Green on July 4th and I had a major pinched nerve. I looked over and saw Gwendalyn was there with her equipment and I asked if she could help. After just 10 minutes (and 2 minutes to spare before I went on stage), Gwen provided me the relief I needed to rock out the set. Thanks so much Gwen. You are a real pro!!!!
Mitch H., Incline Village, NV

I got a healing today! It was absolutely amazing and made up for all the stress I am currently having! I will go everytime I go down to Tahoe!
Lindsay H., Burlilngame, CA

Gwendalyn is absolutely amazing! The best massage that my fiancé and I have ever had! She is an amazing healer and so in tune with everything going on in your body. We have had massages with her 3 years in a row now on our trips up to Tahoe and would not go anywhere else.
Whitney T., Lincoln, CA

I met gwen and probably going to see her alot often. She is  very good at what she does. Explained certain things that my body needed more attention. She is very professional. I had a 2 hour session with her and it was an experience thats unbelievable. Detailed from head to toe. Felt amazing after my session.. so for all you out there reading this. If you want 110% quality work come and join her.
Clifford C., San Francisco, CA

I had a massage from Gwendalyn yesterday and I can't remember waking up and feeling this terrific! I am a migrainer and have also been recovering from foot surgery, needless to say, I needed some work done. This was nothing like the usual massage one gets, I actually felt like my body was healing during the session! I now have signed up to receive monthly massages with her and look forward to continued progress! A big THANK YOU to Gwendalyn!
Colleen O., Incline Village, NV