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Fourth place in the Nevada State Bikini Beach Fitness Competition at 63, when the highest age category was 35.

Before and afters:  Left, age 55, before nutrition program.  Right, 5 years later, at age 60.  At lower left, hair volume has doubled from ages 55-60. 


We hope you'll take advantage of all that is available to enhance the way you feel every day. As someone who has experienced rejuvenation I rejoice every day that I can feel each day stronger and more healthy. I'd love for you to have it, too.

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Janet R., Grass VAlley, CA

Gwendalyn is a brilliant lifestyle coach and generously shares her in-depth knowledge of healthy living.  She radiates vitality and infuses each session with kindness, warmth and skill and most importantly healing positive energy.  Using the nutritional products she recommends, I was able to heal my chronic fatigue and sleep issues that I have been battling for several years.  I leave each session feeling happy and renewed. I would recommend Gwendalyn highly.


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