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massage therapy in incline village

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​Don Grace, Incline Village, NV

I never had a professional massage before meeting Gwendalyn. I have never had a more relaxing experience in my life! The music, the aromatherapy, and the way she could feel energy guiding her to the parts that needed the most work was incredible. That hour seemed like 5 minutes and I'll say this... Getting off the table was almost hard because I felt so good. Gwendalyn gets the highest recommendation I could give. You should book now because you'll be waiting in line for a long time if you don't.

Colleen O’Brien, Incline Village, NV I had a massage from Gwendalyn yesterday and I can’t remember waking up and feeling this terrific! I am a migrainer and have also been recovering from foot surgery, needless to say, I needed some work done. This was nothing like the usual massage one gets, I actually felt like my body was healing during the session!
I now have signed up to receive monthly massages with her and look forward to continued progress! A million thanks to Gwendalyn!

Brenden Donovan, Incline Village, NV “My body is fantastic! Best massage ever.”
Arlene Ramirez, San Jose, CA “I have never experienced such an amazing release of tension.  I have always had massages and have come out feeling good but now I know that was only the outer shell.  This experience was amazing.  I felt a whole lot of release from inside out.  Thank you, Gwendalyn.”

Sarah Phieffer, Napa, CA
“Gwendalyn is amazing.  When you were working on my neck I felt it in my legs.  My whole neck and shoulders feel completely different.  Thank you.”
Sharon Dixon, Truckee, CA “That was incredible, Gwendalyn.  You’re very gifted.  Thank you for sharing that with me.”

Massage Tahoe
Incline Village


You probably know that massage is relaxing, feels great and can put you in a good mood. But did you know that most people get massage for medical health reasons? It actually increases overall wellness.

Here’s a partial list of conditions massage and bodywork have been shown to improve:
Pain management
injury rehabilitation
Low back pain
Reducing post-operative pain
Boosting the body’s immune system functioning
Decreasing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
Lowering blood pressure
Reducing headache frequency
Easing alcohol withdrawal symptoms
Decreasing pain in cancer patients

Athletic competition and racing recovery

The reason massage has such a powerful effect to improve health is that it addresses the main system that keeps the body well: circulation. It’s the body’s number one priority because the blood carries vital oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and clears away toxic waste products.

Think of it like taking care of your car. You’d never let it go decades without servicing it. Or cleaning your house.

Every day we face obstacles in our lives that create stress. The body doesn’t know that these things are not life threatening and it responds as if they were.

Neurologically speaking, we are still hunter gatherers. Because of this many of our tension patterns get established in infancy. When something (larger human, animal, etc.) scared you as a baby you responded with a clenched muscle somewhere in your body. After the event passes, the brain reasons that it was the tensing of the muscle that provided your escape from danger, which makes that neural command a good code, since we find ourselves still alive. So forever after, whenever you  tense, or brace against something unpleasant, the message goes to the same muscles.

All skeletal muscle is voluntary, so for anything to tense, our brain must send it a command many times per second. After years of constant tensing, the neural pathway becomes ingrained. The main purpose of massage is to allow the proprioceptive feedback cells within the muscles sufficient stimulation to begin to bridge that neural groove and to begin to form a new neural net. Not a small undertaking!

So don’t be concerned if your tension doesn’t permanently melt right away. Small steps in the right direction provide the most benefit. The purpose of massage is not what happens during the treatment, but once it's over--the blood, oxygen and nutrient flow is restored, along with vital energy and healing immune factors.

A common question that arises is whether the pain is coming from a spasmed muscle or a bone. We feel that although a bone may be misaligned and pinching a nerve, the root cause is always to be found with the muscles. Bones simply have no means by which to move themselves. 

At Massage Tahoe in Incline Village we use a variety of massage treatments to achieve results for our clients. Treatments include Aromatherapy, Awareness Massage, Couples Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Lomi Lomi, Lymphatic drainage, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Sciatica Cure, and Sports Massage.

If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live? Start today by calling 775.292.0650 and scheduling an appointment.