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Life Path Readings

Have you ever had a question you had no idea how to answer?  For example, What is my next step? How can I get unstuck?   What did I come here to do?  How can I feel better in my body?  What will make me happy?  How can I make my fortune?         How will I find my mate?

Questions like these are what Massage Tahoe Psychic Life Path Readings are all about.  The answers can change your life when you discover guidance from a higher benevolence that knows you.  These are the best psychic readings in Incline Village, and can be combined with Massage Tahoe massage therapy, something that can be particularly beneficial because many issues get stuck in the body. 

Perhaps you are needing Spiritual Life Coaching, or a telephone psychic reading, or an Energy Clearing, an Angel Healing, or a Medical Intuitive Reading.  Whatever you need to know comes up in the perfect way. 

The entire course of your life path can change in an instant! 

Sessions are available in person, by phone and on Skype.  

All the information comes from a pure, safe, sacred and loving place.

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