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Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

At the the time of the Christ story, its purpose and meaning were almost opposite the values that dominated the culture. It didn't take long for the powers that were to change its message of hope--that there is no death, and therefore nothing to fear--into yet another and more powerful layer of fear, guilt, shame and control. 

Now we have new information, from the spirit of Anna, mother of Mother Mary, who spoke through Claire Heartsong, and gives the beautiful and extraordinary detail of the group effort that we know as the Crucifixion and Resurrection. The spirit of Anna, who was the mother of Mother Mary, came to Claire Heartsong to tell her the true facts of what transpired. 

The resulting book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus (an absolute must read! ) transformed Gwendalyn's life and today she becomes Anna to tell the amazing story that will change yours. Coming to a location near you. Contact us on our contact page if you'd like to see it in your town. 

Come, know the truth and let it set you free!​